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We help enterprises connect and engage with their target audiences while optimizing costs and conversion rates.

Advanced SMS Delivery For Enterprise

xeebi is the most innovative cloud communications platform of its kind in the market today offering high-performance and cost-effective SMS delivery for enterprise customers.

  • Performance Driven- The highest conversion rate in the market for your messaging needs

  • Results Orientated – Improved mobile engagement and cost efficiencies

  • Easy-to-use – Superior routing optimization in one simple, easy-to-use API

xeebi supports global messaging to over 2000+ mobile network operators. High quality delivery with low latency. xeebi bespoke SMS platform and intelligent software offers A2P and P2P SMS delivery for hard to reach and highly filtered destinations.

Experience The AI-Driven Difference

Built on the latest cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology, the xeebi platform boasts one of the most advanced routing engines in the mobile market today and is able to deliver the highest conversion rates for enterprise messaging needs.  Our AI bots are designed to meet extremely high-standards in performance  and to ensure optimal results for enterprise messaging needs.

  • Performance monitoring of routes or vendors

  • Bind monitoring for uptime of services including API services

  • Automatic route optimizations and self-healing of any deviations in route delivery

  • Route issue detection based on rolling 5-minute windows

We have developed routing algorithm bots to optimize traffic in real time taking into account over 30 variables and metrics. Our machine learning algorithms ensure we improve our internal and external SLAs to enterprise customers.

Increase Customer Conversion

The xeebi platform has embraced machine learning on a massive scale. In our hyper-scaled cloud, we store every single bit and data. We then apply deep learning algorithms to all our data so that we can optimize all internal systems and performance routing for our enterprise customers. Enterprises are using this machine learning to attain greater customer responsiveness and improve their marketing performance and conversion.

xeebi’s carrier grade network intelligently manages different types of features to solve tough delivery challenges; offering reliable, quality routes for 1-way and 2-way SMS delivery.


xeebi can move twice as fast as any of its competitors in the market to detect and resolve potential issues long before they even become performance impediments.


We have developed routing algorithm bots to optimize traffic in real time. The xeebi platforms provides SMS message delivery with the highest conversion rate and minimal delays and impediments.


All our architecture and data is safely secured behind military grade firewalls. We offer secure authentication mechanisms for all our products and APIs and implement strict role-based access controls.


Real-Time Access. Anytime.

xeebi’s web-based system platform is easy-to-use and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Real-time stats of messages and campaigns are accessible at a glance and the reporting, graphs, and widgets are visual and easy to interpret. Multiple API integrations can be set up with just a few clicks.

Conversion API

We offer full per message conversion API integration. Our conversion API routing engine allows per message conversion for One Time Pins and Two-Factor Authentication use cases and is able to deliver high conversion rates between 80% and 90% (country dependant) for OTT platforms.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a verification process which adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that you’re the only person who can access your account. xeebi provides Two-Factor Authentication to protect against account takeover and data theft.

Spam Control & Fraud Management

Our system has been designed to block deliberate fraud and smishing attacks. The xeebi platform comes with built in spam management where fraudulent keywords / phrases can be detected and blocked.

Global MNP & HLR Integration

xeebi supports global messaging to over 2000 mobile network operators. With our number lookup services, we ensure the highest accuracy and delivery rates in the market today by using a broad range of HLR and MNP providers.

Geo-Redundancy & Active Failover

Through our world class architecture and design, xeebi has ensured it has 99.999% uptime of its platform and systems. Our architecture has full geo-redundancy from both database to application to ensure no downtime is experienced on the platform.

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