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Your Message In Best Hands

At xeebi we believe, mastering the hardest challenges requires the best people. Our highly qualified and committed staff has long-standing expertise in the telecommunications industry. Experts in designing, building and operating mobile cloud applications who are always ready to go the extra mile for you. Whatever it takes.

We provide first class Cloud Communication Messaging Services for telecom companies, carriers/ISPs, social networks and enterprises across all industries.

We Are Excited About…

  • Big challeges – they help us grow.

  • Keeping a long-term view and a wide focus.

  • Working with passion and dedication.

  • Getting ambitious projects done.

And… as a result of all this, contributing to the success of enterprises all around the globe.

Our Solutions Will…

  • Reduce your acquisition and operational costs.

  • Generate leads and drive sales.

  • Increase customer engagement and retention.

  • Improve communication processes and customer support.

  • Help you gather & report business critical market data.

Why Choose Us

At xeebi we are obsessed with performance and delivering optimum results. The xeebi platform boasts one of the most advanced AI routing engines in the mobile market today.

xeebi can move twice as fast as any of our competitors to detect and resolve potential issues long before they even become performance impediments. By combining our machine-learning algorithms with live conversion stats, we maintain the best conversion rate for our customers’ mobile messaging applications, reducing churn and increasing application registration.

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together.”

xeebi is proud of recruiting passionate people who share the company‘s values, ethic and commitment. We are always looking for exciting people to join our team.
If you think you have what it takes, drop us a line. Send your resume/CV to: careers@xeebi.com

Company Values


We truly believe we avoid clichés having ‘innovation’ as our core company value.  xeebi innovates through investing and prototyping with all the latest technology trends in our research and digital labs.

Challenging The Status Quo

Challenging the status quo requires an open heart, an open mind and an open will. At xeebi, we love ruffling a few feathers. We are committed to test the unproven, dive deep in the unspoken, and challenge the unchallenged.

Forward Thinking

xeebi is not trying to solve today’s problems, but rather we look at solving tomorrow’s problems. We enforce a strategic thinking mindset in our employees, encouraging them to be forward-looking and to build on the vision of the company.

Whatever It Takes

We live by this statement every day. This resembles our unflinching commitment to our customers and to problems we may encounter. No challenge is too big for us. Our professionals won‘t spare understanding, experience and dedication to guarantee your full satisfaction – whatever it takes.

Meet us at the upcoming MWC 2018 in Barcelona.

Our team will be attending the MWC in Barcelona (Feb 26th – Mar 1st). Please submit a meeting request to arrange a time slot with our experts. They will be glad to answer your questions and share their market experience with you.