Robust Conversion API

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At xeebi, we raise new questions, new possibilities, and regard challenges from a new perspective. The result is the most innovative cloud communications platform of its kind in the market today.

Platform Features

  • REST API (HTTP/S), SMPP v3.4 Support
  • UTF, UCS-2 Encoding
  • Message encoding: Unicode, GSM7, ASCII, Latin-1, Custom UDH
  • Retry Cycle per country, per operator based on scenarios and rules
  • Rules/Parameters for routing classes
  • Conversion and Callback Management
  • Machine Learning Algorithm that optimizes routing in real time for optimum delivery taking into account latency, conversion & route features
  • Retry cycles over different routes types: short codes, long codes, direct operator (on-net and off-net)
  • Routing Classes available for optimum cost management per country per telco
  • Per Message Conversion Integration
  • Retry Mechanism built into backup routes to convert under 30 seconds
  • Text to Speech Conversion (TTS) to outbound voice call to complete conversion as last mile effort
  • Conversion Analytics and Reporting
  • Bank grade security and standards adopted in architecture design
  • Multiple database and application hosts
  • Geo-Redundancy: multi-node redundancy

Highly secure system to manage vulnerable scenarios with:

  • Authentication (username/password, HTTP basic auth, SMTP AUTH)
  • SSL support for all connections
  • Exhaustive Logging and configurable loglevel of all events
  • Alpha
  • Numeric
  • Dynamic
  • Delivery Reports (where supported)
  • Concatenation
  • Binary
  • Detailed Route Info (GSM vs Landline vs Brand vs Phone vs Model vs Make)
  • Automatic failover management: xeebi bears cost of routing charges
  • Pre-Registered Support
  • Dynamic SenderID routes available
  • Operator error code mapping integration
  • Route by MCC/MNC or Prefix
  • Strict User Administration and Access Control (Role – Based – Access Control)
  • User data stored securely

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