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The xeebi SMS campaign tool is an integrated easy-to-use marketing automation platform which enables marketers to build customized SMS campaigns in minutes.

SMS Campaign Tool

The xeebi campaign tool is the one of the first tools built on the new xeebi platform which harness the power of artificial intelligence – safe, secure and also intelligent in routing. The xeebi campaign tool is a latest addition to xeebi online CPaaS portfolio.

The xeebi campaign tool comes packed back with a lot of great features: from reporting to interactive dashboards, where you can design personalized SMS campaigns, set automation workflows, manage your subscribers with ease and build segments based on your own criteria.

Dashboard Features

  • Campaign Manager – Easily create, manage and monitor all your campaigns from one centralised place. Our campaign manager also integrates a template manager so that you can quickly build your campaign templates and re-use them in future, saving you time in the process.

  • PayPal Integration – Our campaign tool supports PayPal payments for your convenience so that you can easily top up your account when it suits you.

  • Dashboard Analytics – The dashboard manager makes it easy for your to view all your campaign stats and reports from one centralised place, where you can see all campaigns that have been run.  The dashboard will provide you key business insights into your messaging with xeebi platform.

  • Campaign Cost Calculator – With this feature, you can get a cost estimate before sending out your campaign. The campaign cost calculator will break the cost per message part in each country and operator so that you can see the cost breakdown by region.

  • Reports and Notifications – Download campaign reports and get notified via SMS or E-Mail once your campaign is complete.

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